Left Behind Games is not currently operating and may no longer operate.

The corporation has no tangible assets, and currently has no officer or director.

However, in a related matter involving the company’s original CEO, a Federal Tort Claim was properly filed as a lawsuit in Federal Court in January 2020 against certain parties allegedly involved in the demise of the company and his ability to recover from the government’s violation of their settlement agreement.

Government prosecutors, DOJ and SEC staff have for more than 8 years, sought to bury exculpatory evidence in violation of the Freedom of Information Act.

No criminal charges were ever brought, after the FBI and US Attorneys office learned that the SEC’s prosecution was hiding testimony of the company’s auditors, after a multi-year equity and appropriate financial audit, that “no wrongdoing had been found” and this information was further kept away and hidden from him as well as the public, where more than 4000 investors became victims of the SEC’s refusal to honor their settlement agreement.

The case brought by the original CEO recently in Jan 2020 involves the governments cover-up of this information by refusing to hand over documents from the company’s auditors that would prove they proceeded in “civil” non-criminal litigation with the knowledge that no wrongdoing had occurred.

This story will be amended as it continues.